Complaint and seeking advice


Since 6am this morning I have been asking for advice on how to link up my revolut card to my new phone number. Unable to acsess my old mobile as it has broken, I had to make a new Revolut account which asked me to top up £10 for verification so I did. This morning I politely requested for support so I could link up my new number to the account. I was told many times this was possible if I remove the £10 and put it back into my bank account, the app wasn’t letting me make the transfer so I was told by Chara that she would put the money back into my account herself and once I log out my revolut card would be under this new number. I’ve just logged in and it’s basically brand new, no card attached and no personal verification. I’ve been trying to get this sorted since 6am this morning and it’s now 2pm. I’ve then made another account and asked to be put through to the same supervisor the only response I got from her was ‘please wait whilst I delete your account’ without giving me chance to ask questions on how this is relevant to changing my phone number. I feel as if this isn’t getting resolved so I’m being forced into buying a new card - which I don’t want to do as my old one has so much history on and I don’t even know if it has money on!


Also can I mention I’m trying to log in again but it’s saying I’ve already got an account registered with this number. So she’s either blocked it or changed the passcode? I’m so confused and stressed out.


And she said she would transfer me back the £10 to my personal account but nothing is in there and it has been over two hours…


@Rhiannej Hey there, very sorry to hear this! I have written you a private message to look into this.