Comparison of Revolut vs Curve GBP/BRL rates


DCC happens in Brazil but only with around 10% of transactions. You are always given a clear choice which is respected - no funny business like the stories we’ve discussed about Spain or Poland.


@Recchan and @NFH

Thanks once again.

I wasn’t aware that cash would hardly be needed be in Brazil and that paying by card is the normality everywhere, even with beach vendors. It is genuinely surprising given how common card cloning is over there (it even happened to you NFH).

It does make me a little paranoid to use cards so often in Brazil.


Don’t worry about it too much. You can always follow @Recchan’s excellent advice above to freeze the card when you’re not using it. You could use a virtual card for Uber and other trusted online services.


For Über i think you need to link another card that isn’t prepaid too or it won’t work. Ignore the umlaut, my keyboard is dual deutsch and englisch


In Brazil, I have used Uber with my Revolut physical Visa card, Tandem MasterCard credit card and Santander Zero MasterCard credit card. The only thing that doesn’t work with Uber in Brazil is Apple Pay (with any card), which is how I use Uber in the UK.