company lost 4000€


2 weeks since I transferred payment to revolut ltd uk bank account , support said it has to be reverted to the bank it came from but never received it yet , 2 weeks gone … support not even answering , facebook msg jus asking to give a moment and never get back …no prove from them that they send back money I send to them be AWARE


I transferred £50,000.
Still waiting to hear anything back.


Wow are you serious? I’m getting really scared now.


I think we’ve responded & resolved your query.


Hi there.

Really sorry to hear that. Please let me check this with the finance team.


thanks for reply but same answer for the last two weeks , and what you can check if you don’t know even my phone number for the app? and you not even asked about it ?


Revolut sorted my problems very quickly once i got in touch with the support.
Many many thanks!!!


I believe he responded to the post directly in front of his response.


nope , I have nothing and issue not solved