Company data in transaction history


I haven’t seen this suggestion before, so here it is. It would be great to be able to edit (or at least suggest) the business data in our transaction history.

I’ve seen many stores with the wrong name, location or both. It would also be great to add logos to local brands (although Revolut is somehow good at that).

If developers really want to take it to the next level, the ability to link a merchant to a Google/Apple Maps location would be a nice solution.



I raised this once and they claimed the data is taken from Google. So I’m not sure how it’s possible to be sure the Google data is up to date or if it’s possible to amend there somehow to have it reflect in the Revolut app.

Merchant data is fairly good, but many of my local pubs/bars go missed because they’re not branded or part of a chain.


In Apple Pay, for some merchants you can click into them and see details such as opening hours, reviews, facilities etc.
It would be great to see something similar in Revolut.
I did notice today that you can now open a transaction and go to that location in Google Maps, not sure if that’s always been there (in iOS).
It’s a bit hit and miss though. It looks like the map location is being opened from the merchant’s configured address rather than the actual physical location.
I suppose with Apple Pay, the data is supplemented with the GPS location of the phone at the time the transaction is made and then tied to the corresponding Apple Maps location.