Companies which accepts only cards linked to a bank account

I wondered why Revolut isn’t working with GrabCar (but works with Uber, which will leave SE Asia in less than 2 weeks)

Here’s why

So, aside from the 3D secure problem seems we have this problem too. And I don’t know if this will be fixed anytime soon, even after the banking license as Revolut will keep the money in pooled accounts and using the IBANs for transfers :frowning:

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Well, the card is linked to an account.

Is linked to a digital account not to a proper account.

Like you have all the accounts but the cards are not linked.

How do you define digital and proper?

I’d argue the card is very much linked :wink:

The merchant in your case is probably using some wrong wording based on some wrong understanding. Probably read Revolut and freaked out :laughing:

The card is not linked to a bank account.
Like. The card is not linked neither to your EUR account

And even after the banking license, I do t think this will change. Even if we will have banking accounts, cards will be linked to Revolut and most probably not to one of our banking accounts. Otherwise the card wine be that able to use foreign currency accounts for spending.

The card is linked to Revolut. And Revolut does the spreadsheets for all other accounts.

As I wrote, I’d argue that is not correct.

The “link” between a card and an account merely means where the money is withdrawn from. This is the very same case here with Revolut. The card is linked to your Revolut account - whether the amount is then assigned internally to currency pool A or B is irrelevant.

Again, my assumption is that merchant read Revolut and freaked out based on a wrong understanding.

What was the original issue? Why were you asked for the card details?

The original issue was that Grab does not support Revolut cards. This is the classic prepaid vs. full debit card issue again (i think).

Since Grab is popular in Asia i think this could become a problem.

Well, a prepaid card comes with money being loaded onto the card. This is not the case with Revolut either.

Revolut cards are “pre-paid” that is a specific type of card issues by MasterCard/VISA. This is also printed on your card.

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This somewhat contradicts your statement at

Not on mine.

And since Grab will become monopoly starting with 8th of April (they took over Uber, Uber is leaving but they were accepting :r: cards… )

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There is different kinds of prepaid cards. Some do in fact have funds on them. Others are like Revolut which essentially is linked to an online service. This is also how Monzo first worked.

The fact is that the card issues are part of the “prepaid” scheme. This is a known fact and have been debated on this forum a lot. Also you can use something like to verify the type.


On both my cards (standard and premium) is printed PREPAID

Ordered early this year.

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That might be, does not change the fact though that it is linked to a bank account and that was the original issue.

As I said, not on mine.

It’s an app. Like Uber.
They didn’t asked for my card details but I sent them the screenshot from Revolut when they charged the card for verification but still the app declined it.

The app automatically declines :r: cards and is not due to lack of 3D secure as 3Ds is not that popular in Asia

Standard or Premium ? Or are you just talking about virtual cards?

AFAIK it haven’t changed.

Standard, it would be a bit difficult to print it on a virtual card, wouldnt it :wink:

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Did you try and put the numbers into ? Usually it is written on the back. In the link in my previous reply Andres states that Revolut cards are in fact prepaid. If you don’t want to belive it, then that is your decision.

Well, the site does not load in the first place :slight_smile: but even if, I’d be wary to enter my details on random sites.

I am not arguing that the card might be a prepaid one, I am saying it is not printed on it as you claimed and that the card is linked to a bank account.

A Revolut Account is not the same as a Bank account. Essentially Revolut is an electronic ledger (eMoney) and behind the scenes the currencies live in many different accounts.

You can find more information here:

Prepaid cards and debit cards come with a Visa or MasterCard logo, says. Prepaid cards can also be linked to a specific brand for stores, gas stations, restaurants or other businesses.

Please have an open mind, you can’t know everything :slight_smile: And in this case you presumed too much.