What if Revolut could introduce some sort of rewards for most active members in community?
For example:
Most helpful person of the month gets free T-shirt (Revolut logo) or Mug with Revolut Logo .
Just tough about it,and decided to ask you guys/gals :+1:
Cost of this would be minimal :slight_smile:


Love this idea, let’s start this from today :slight_smile:


Pizza vouchers! :pizza:


You have got my attention :wink:


:smiley: just not pizza :smiley: My father in law got pizzeria,so not so keen on it :slight_smile:


Perhaps X amount of points per week that you can redeem for

  • pizza vouchers
  • :r: mugs
  • :r: shirts
  • free months of premium
  • insurance maybe?
  • did I say pizza? :pizza:

EDIT: this works in some other communities I know like SUOP (mobile operator, rewards in mobile credit) or Vodafone Spain (mobile operator, gives varied rewards like the ones I mentioned) and, although it does work fine, it does bring a lot of… “overcollaboration”. I don’t know how to call it without sounding pretentious.


Did I already mention that you got my attention?


So pizzas for all of us :slight_smile:


Easy :joy::joy::joy:
Sharing is careing :slight_smile: