Commission applied to cash withdrawals?

Revolut says that up to 200€/month (at least in Spain) you can withdraw money from any cash dispenser without any commissions.

I tried to withdraw some money the other day (first time I tried) in a Bankia cash dispenser and got the following message (access fee of 2.85%):

How come? wasn’t it supposed to be commission free?

Thanks in advance for the feedback

“Free” means that :r: won’t charge you any fee (until 200 EUR or equivalent).
Here you can see surcharge- fee which is taken by ATM’s operator.

Every time we choose WITHOUT conversion


I suppose that surcharge will be applied in both cases… (at least it works like this in Euronet ATM if you use MasterCard)

…then the commercial information from Revolut is misleading. It does not say “Revolut won’t charge you any fees”. It says “you can withdraw money anywhere in the world for free”.

Quite disappointed honestly. I get no single benefit in comparison to my traditional banks (which do not charge me if I withdraw money from their ATMs but I get a commission if I go anywhere else). With Revolut, since they do not have their own ATMs network I guess I would be charged anywhere.

This is actually true, you can find ATMs without fees and always choose without conversion!

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Seriously ?

It’s not :r: fault if ATM operator want to charge you…


Any fees charged by the atm operator are entirely out of the control of Revolut - many charge, some don’t. It’s exactly the the same in th UK with atms - irrespective of who you bank with.


Would you blame mastercard if the drinks are too expensive at the pub?


…actually yes. I would blame Mastercard if they would advertise a card saying “free drinks with this card” and then I get charged by the pub.

I do not care who charges me. I got the Revolut card, among other things, because in the web you can read" you can withdraw money without commissions anywhere". And that, apparently, is not true.

As I said, misleading information.

Agree. It is not Revolut’s fault. But then, Revolut should not advertise its card as a commission free one for withdrawals if you could eventually be charged by the other party. If you have been unable to get agreements with the ATMs to cover that commissions in behalf of your customers, do not say it is a commission free card.

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Well you are wrong : :r doesn’t not charge fees for withdrawn ( at least under 200 for Standard or 400 for Premium accounts )

If the ATM provider charges you then it’s an issue with the provider, nothing to do with :r:

There is no miss information here