Comission in Honduras Lempira

I’m in Honduras and I’m paying in Lempira currency in the supermarket, but the rate for Euro -Lempira is 28’02 today. Anyway, Revolut is charging me the payments in the supermarket at 27’48 lempiras for 1 euro only.

It’s Monday afternoon so there’s no weekend fee. Why they charge me more than the MasterCard rate?

Thank you

Revolut does not use MasterCard rate, they use their own. Which is ± similar to Mastercards. Maybe slightly less favorable to rare currency pairs like EUR/HNL.

I understand Revolut use their own rate, but they show a rate in the app where the lowest rate has been 27’82 lempiras today, and they charge me at 27’48 lempiras anyway.


Please check another direction (HNL-> EUR), then you can divide 1/ratio to see in the same order.