Colombians having a revolut card


I just ordered the card for my GF that is living here with me in London (currently on turistic visa)… since she cannot yet open a current account here in the UK I thought to order the revolut one… but… apparently she cannot have one…

Any news on that?


I don’t know about Colombians being able to apply for a Revolut account or not, however I did mention that Colombian Pesos (COP) are not on the list of Revoluts transferable currencies. Probably it has something to do with that…?


Not really, no. She is not interested in using COP
The thing is until she verifies her identity (as EU resident) she is limited to use only 200 pounds a YEAR!


Revolut currently is available for EEA residents.

So, a touristic visa won’t help… for the same reason why she can’t open an account in UK: laws and regulations.

Once she’ll have a residency visa she will be able to aply for Revolut.


Revolut is only available to residents of an EEA country. More information can be found in the faq:

They are working on expanding until then, your GF shouldn’t be using Revolut until she can provide a proof of residency.


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