Collect airline miles while using Revolut for spending


Same as some other credit cards. It would be a nice perk.


Hi there,

This is a great idea for maybe the “Premium” Revolut but keep in mind that Revolut’s base services are free and should stay free for all ; that’s the whole point. I’m afraid that adding this feature would cost more to Revolut and make the base free plan… not free anymore. :frowning:

Anyway, check the post linked below about Revolut Premium to share your thoughts and submit this idea :wink:



Since most of the revolut users are frequent travelers, a partnership with one of the best-known mile programs would be a great idea. I would be willing to pay the premium version of revolut to receive miles (lufhtansa miles & more) in my revolut payments.


A rewards program to receive points on each purchase would be better. And the customer could choose his/her airline program (Lufthansa/Flying Blue/Oneworld)