coinbase validation via revolut


i have opened my revoult account, with the primary objective of using the account to validate my coinbase account so i can withdraw funds from coinbase when i want. the revolut app lets me exchange in euro , put in coinbase details as a recipient , and also the reference required for validation from coinbase , but when i hit “done” the send button does not illuminate and i cant send any funds. i need help. please help someone.
many thanks in advance


Hey @mrkeith :slight_smile:

The minimum transfer amount is 2€


Thanks is actually a cat …
I’ll let you know


i have same problem, it says beneficiary (coinbase) not allowed?

does anyone know why?


Search the forum.

  1. Enable your EUR and personal IBAN.


Make sure you Euro account on Rev has being verfied and send a min of 6euro to coinbase…


I am experiencing the same issue, glad to see there seems to be a simple solution.
My only question is what are the steps to complete the actions you have suggested? How to verify the account and personal IBAN? (not the sending of the 6 Euros)


Hey Tym, if you search the forum it should be easy to find an answer. There is even an article