Coinbase to Revolut

Hi guys!

I am new to Revolut.

I put money in £ into Revlout app and then transferred it into Euro before sending it to Coinbase.
To withdraw from Coinbase, is it better to send it in Euro to Revolut and then transferred it to £ before sending to my £ bank account? What is the best way to keep me away of being charged from my UK bank account?


Hi guys!
Sending euros from coinbase to revolut, took me 5 working days (monday to monday). End of worrying :slight_smile:

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how long did this process take for you in the end?

I did initated a fund transfer from coinbaseGBP wallet for GBP39 on 11/jan. The transaction supposed to reflect in Revolut on 17/Jan. But till now not received the funds. I did had conversation with Revolut support and they seem to inform there is no information in our system, try contacting coinbase.
I am stuck with this and unsure what happened to the amount.
Any others experienced positive response from coinbase about any enquiry on transfer funds from coinbase to revolut.

Have you received the amount in your Revolut account. please advise

Heya, I have just opened a Coinbase account and made the required small transfer from Revolut to have my account verified. I transferred 5 Euros. I don’t know if the amount was too small, but although the transfer went through, and I even got a statement of its success from Revolut, this amount never showed up in my Coinbase account. I wrote to Coinbase, and they told me that they have heavy traffic at the moment, and to wait. After a week, Coinbase simply refunded me the 5 Euros back. My Revolut account, listed in Coinbase, still remains unverified.
Since Coinbase was taking so long to verify my account, I also opened an account with Kraken and transferred 15euros to it from my Revolut account. This amount was transferred after a few days and is now in my Kraken account.
I was reading some of your comments above, and it seems that Coinbase usually accepts transfers from Revolut. I, therefore, don’t know if they changed their policy, or if I should try to verify a larger amount from Revolut.

Hi there,

I recently withdrew 5 euros from coinbase to revolut. Coinbase charged 1 euro so 4 euros were sent. 5 days later and 3.85 euros have appeared in my revolut eur account. So 0.15 euro has gone missing.

Does revolut charge to receive payments of this kind? Coinbase sent the transaction in euros. And they have gone into my revolut euro account so I didn’t think any exchange fees would be applied. My eur iban account does start with GB.

Can anyone please help me clarify where the 0.15 euros went? Obviously this is only a small amount which I am not concerned with, but this was a test transaction to make sure it works. In future, I may transfer a much larger sum but do not wish to find a sizable amount “missing” with no clear explanation as to why.

Hope you can help! Thanks.

I’m having a similar experience. The min amount is 6 euros, so you’re a little short.

The problem I’m having is that I’m unable to add a payment reference, which Coinbase seem to need to verify my account. If anyone has any pointers how to get round the lack of ability to add a “Payment Reference” when going through the verification payment process, it would be greatly appreciated! Maybe (/hopefully) I’m missing something obvious!

Does anyone know if there is an upper limit of funds to that revolut can receive from coinbase. I’m trying to send €7000 but somewhere there is possibly a 5000 limit?

Try watching this you tube clip I had same question as you which is at top of comments, I had just missed where it said to add payment ref but it is on there. Hopes this helps

Has anyone had same success with Kracken? I’m not paying Coinbase extortionate fees when Kracken is free. I’ve sent a test amount to Kracken successfully but not enough for minimum withdrawal back to Revolut.

It only took 24 hours to get to Kracken though. Kracken asks for Bank and address of Revolut as well as IBAN and BIC. I did a BIC search and it came up with

Revolut LTD as bank and Canada Sq Canary Whalf as address. Can someone confirm this also

Thanks Andy,

In the end, it defaulted the ref to my email address, causing a bit of confusion. All sorted now, thanks for your help!


I’m transferred small amount, all was fine! But now I earned very large profit from USA crypto miners/traders and, will see, how goes now… I’m a afraid for my money there are a bit smaller amount like $100000 ($97000). What’s happens now?

Coinbase have stopped deposits and withdrawals using UK bank accounts and the faster payment service.

the work around is to send EUROs from you Revolut app to coinbase.

Withdraw GBP from coinbase to your PayPal account (instant with no fee) then from their transfer from PayPal to Revolut.