Coinbase to Revolut

Hi there!

I’m new here so go easy on me :wink:

Can someone explain step by step what I need to do to get my money from Coinbase to Revolut so I can transfer it to my HSBC account please?

My Revolut account is verified and ready to go.


Much appreciated.

Hello @Ranste :slight_smile:

I would recommend caution when doing this. There are known problems in transfers betweek :r: and Coinbase.

OK, well that’s a worry. I was recommended Revolut as ‘the way’ to get funds to my bank via Coinbase.

If Revolut is a no-go, what do you suggest instead?

Hey @Ranste :slight_smile:

Don’t trust me. It’s probable that the forum only receives the complaints (and not the times it works).

However, you can find the information requested by Coinbase in the More tab of the app, Profile and then Account details :wink:

I sent money from revolut to coinbase, around 20 euro just to test it out, and got the money to my coinbase account after roughly 24 hours. 2 days ago I tried sending the money back to Revolut, but nothing so far… hoping for the best at this point.

Remember it won’t be processed on non-working days. Wait till tomorrow or Tuesday. Maybe even longer since Coinbase is extremely busy at the moment with all the interest that cryptos have attracted.

Hi, did you get the money in your Revolut account yet ?

I’m asking because recently I made a withdrawal from Coinbase to my Revolut IBAN. It’s marked as ‘Completed’ on Coinbase but I still didn’t receive the funds in my Revolut account after 3 days.
I made successful withdrawals before, of smaller amounts, which arrived within 1-2 days so I’m a bit concerned right now!


Similar situation to karmck . I’m still waiting on a withdrawal from coinbase. My status is also on completed from coinbase . Was told by a staff member it could take 4 working days .

Ok, let’s keep each other updated :wink:
Good luck!

Sure no problem will do

In the same position made a fairly large withdrawal from coinbase to revolut a few days ago… Still waiting for it to show

Hopefully you receive your withdrawal soon jasonrose1 . please reply back and update if you hear anything

Update received my coinbase withdrawal this morning .

same here :slightly_smiling_face:
cheers !

I have just just sent 6 euros and its says ‘Transfer to coinbase has been executed’. Do I now need to wait for it to show up before transferring money from EUR Wallet? Thanks

Received 309 euro from coinbase today, worry over! Took 7 days in total

Yes, when it shows up your bank should show up verified on coinbase allowing withdrawals

Hi, please can you let me know how you transfer from coinbase to revolut? I cant work it out but really need to haha

Also, it possible to transfer bitcoin straight over or only GBP / Euro?

Hi, first you need to set up an IBAN on Revolut.
Then you need to make a bank transfer (using this IBAN) from Revolut to
Once this goes through, you will be able to make a withdrawal from Coinbase
to your Revolut IBAN.
And no, you cannot transfer bitcoin to Revolut for now.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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thank you very much!!