Coinbase to Revolut II.



Right now Coinbase does not accept my Card because Revolut does not support digital currencies. It would be nice if the transfer would work there and back.



Hey. You can do a separate transfers to coinbase from revolut. This works great and is the preferred way others here are doing it :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks a lot, I am looking for a way back, from Coinbase to Revolut card.
It does not work, coinbase does not accept my card at all.


There’s already a topic about coinbase and the problem is the lack of 3D secure as I’ve been reading before.


As @Iskender said there a many forum threads about this. In order to get your money from Coinbase to Revolut you have to use a SEPA transfer. To do this you must first verify your account.

There is a lot of great advice here: