Coinbase to Revolut / Annual Limit / only BTC visible


I have had a receipt from Coinbase pending since 10th Jan. Coinbase app shows completed. When can I expect this to clear? I done the small amount and also transferred a couple of hundred euros.

Also, this payment takes me over my annual limit, do I need to do anything?

I can only see BTC, do I need to activate anything.

  • Regarding the limit, yes you need to verify the source of your funds. (it’s in the “More” section)
  • you can see only BTC? that means you disabled other fiat currencies right? Then just enable them again. On the main screen there is a little icon on the top left corner, where you can choose which currencies you want to show.


thank you for your prompt reply.

re verification. I can see ‘more’… but I can’t see where to verify source of funds.



More > Profile > Verification & limits

If your account is near the limit, you should have a pink button at the bottom saying “Verify source of funds”.
If for some reason you don’t have the button (but you’re still near the limit), contact a live agent on the support. :pray:


Thank you. I dont have the pink button.

You have been so helpful.



Hi, I have gone through to live chat and at 17.02 someone said they were looking into this but haven’t heard anything yet. Slightly anxious and not done a large sepa receipt before. I dont know how much longer I can just sit waiting for a reply


ping @AndreasK - could you help?


I think I am onto the next step. I twigged that iPhone screens are different from samsung which is why confusion was arising Going to upload docs tomorrow and hope it gets sorted soon



Hi there. I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter. Thank you for your patience.


OK, sent documents in, lets see how quickly the next step will be