Coinbase limits


Hi, I transferred around €7000 euros from gdax to my revolut account last night. Should this go through ok or are there limits? Is there anything I would need to do for this transaction to complete. I did sign up for the premium service after I made transaction if this makes any difference.


I have a similar question. I have €100,000 daily withdrawals from Kracken to send and I’m desperate for a reply about their limits before I start.


€100,000 daily? That’s so far into money laundering territory that :r: is not for you (or us).


Please explain how this is money laundering? I made legitimate investments in crypto years ago and they have come good! All my investment are traceable as crypto is completely transparent. I will be declaring it as capital gains, although I do hear I could have a case for tax free as it could be considered a gamble but I’m not to bother about paying the 18%.

There have been plenty of crypto millionaires recently. You think they are all money launders?

How is my money ‘dirty’? I’m not sure you understand what money laundering is.

It’s certainly not researching markets, investing in them and then cashing out while declaring the capital gains tax

Please explain to me what you mean.


In fact, as you seem to have judged me and replied on behalf of Revolut (and the entire community), without asking me anything about my larger sums of money and just assuming I must be involved in some sort of criminal activity it will be interesting to hear the voices of others.

As I said in reply to your similar comment in another post, my funds are between here and Kraken as my Triodos bank doesn’t support SEPA and Krakens maximum daily withdrawal is €100,000.

Perfectly legal. Looking forward to your reply.