Coinbase: Can I receive SEPA payments? (It worked in the end)


Hi there,

So I’m from the UK and have a UK account and EURO account and was wondering if it would be possible to top up in GBP then change to EURO send a payment to Coinbase to verify Revolut as my ‘bank’. Would I then be able receive payments from Coinbase as a SEPA payment in Euros, change to GBP then to my bank?

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: It worked!


Hey @pringle126 :slight_smile:

I’d suggest using the search tool to find other people’s experiences before dealing with Coinbase through :r:


@Juliopp hmm I see. The majority of people seem to be too impatient and sending via GBP rather than EUR which is recommended. I will send a small amount and update everyone. It can take up to a week according to coinbase + they are most likely backlogged with all the recent transactions and interest.


Hi im in the same situation as you. Did it work in the end?


Yeah it worked in the end! Just make sure you are sending and receiving EURO not GBP. So be sure to create a EUR account on Revolut, then send euros from there. You have a personal IBAN so it works perfectly fine.


Nice thanks for reply! How long did it take for coinbase to verify u after u sent the one euro payment from revolut?


Hi I am in the same position. Can I ask if you registered the BANK name as your name on Coinbase or Revolut or Lloyds Bank? Revolut said to use my name which I have but I would really appreciate knowing from someone who has achieved sending euros to your Revolut account which is verified on Coinbase. With thanks.


It took me 3 days from what I can remember.

@lam When coinbase asked me for ‘Bank Name’ I just put Revolut and it worked fine. I probably should change it to Lloyds Bank just in case though.


Thank you very much! I will change mine to Revolut I ask because Coinbase say the names of the account should match exactly but oh, so confusing! If it worked don’t fiddle! Thanks again.


I have just signed up to Revolut account and verified…sent my Euro SEPA payment to coinbase, just waiting on coinbase to verify it and add to my Euro wallet…hope all goes good.:four_leaf_clover: