Code verification does not work



I did a factory reset of my phone and need to install Revolut again. I already have an active Revolut account so I am trying to “Login In” (NOT register). After submitting my mobile number, I also submit my pin. When my pin is submitted correctly I’m sent an SMS confirmation code. Unfortunately this code is not working and an error message pops up. The support module inside the app is disabled and this is my only form of support communication. Kindly help me as this has now been broken for 3 days.



Revolut is a mess! this code verification assumes that one has cel coverage. I only have wifi. My son has been without money that I was debited on Saturday and I have not been able to speak to anyone on the chat. and of course there are no working phone numbers to call. I am super furstrated!!!


I agree there should be SMS verification. My only gripe is that it has stopped working for 3 DAYS!!

I do understand that not all departments work on a 24/7 basis, but it’s Tuesday today. At least, someone from Revolut acknowledge this thread and provide a timeframe of when it will be resolved


Hi @ciconnor,

Unfortunately we dont offer phone support, but we offer in-app support chat. As we can see your son has reached the transaction limit, so he needs to verify his account.


Andreas K


Hello @rbev,

As I can see you don’t have an account with Revolut yet. Just to clarify, you’ll not receive sms verification because due to high demand we are on a slight waitlist! At the moment you have registered your interest and we will notify you once we have available cards.

Apologies for any inconvenience.


Andreas K.


Hi @AndreasK,

I do have an account with you. Kindly verify again. I’m receiving the SMS verification. The problem is that the app is giving me an error after I enter it correctly.



@rbev thank you for letting me know.

Send me in a direct message your phone number and your email please. Tap on my name and then message.


Andreas K.


i’m on holiday and i revolut doesnt let me log into my account… it doesn’t even send me a verification code and i need money!!! help ASAP