Closing my revolut account

I’ve been waiting and waiting for a live agent but nobody has appeared yet, after 15 minutes.

How do I close my account?

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Hello @richardb,

Really sorry to hear that. I have picked your chat :slight_smile:


Andreas K.


Got it and replied yesterday.

You accounts has been terminated.

Hello I need help with closing my account

How do I close my account?

Please reach out our in-app support team!

How do I do that? I’ve been trying to but no one is helping.

Could you please drop me a direct message?

Hey guys - I closed my revolut account and then realised I will need the statement and the IBAN for my tax declaration. How can I recover these?

Hello, Can someone help me? I closed my account via the application on Wednesday June 10, but I did not receive an email confirming the closure of my account. How do I know if my account is closed?

I need help

i have the account close in app

But i need a confirmation

I have 2 cards and i will close it also. But no confirm about it ?

I also need a confirmation urgently. Can somebody help me? Why don’t you send automatically an termination confirmation by email, SMS or letter? Can not understand that…

It took one month before I managed to get the email confirming the closure of my account. I communicated with Revolut via Twitter, messenger.

Thank you taib for the hint, I have reached them with messenger and they’ve sent me the confirmation and also the statement of account immediately by email

I want to close my account. I have downgraded, and the balance is zero. The Live agent doesn’t answer. Please close my account ASAP. Even though I have downgraded to standard, it still says that I have premium. I didn’t want the premium plan for this year, but Revolut just charged me automatically. Now I want to close my account that this never happens again. I have waited for the live agent for hours now with no answer.

search the option “close account” within the account-settings; it’s like a simple link “far below” the list; you have to confirm a few time, but then it’s done…

The simple link didn’t work because the app didn’t downgrade me from the Premium plan. That was the problem. After waiting more than 24 hours for the Live Agent, I got an answer. Which I am grateful! The Live Agent could downgrade my plan, so hopefully, now I can close the account by the simple link.