Close my account ASAP

It is unfortunate that you have not provided any mechanism to cancel or terminate account!!!
Long pocess to get rid of the app and account and very easy to install…not good
Can you terminate my account ASAP
There is 0.92£ but i cant withdraw.if u can send to my account is fine othrwise close it pls.

Hi there.

We do not advice closing your Revolut account, as it is difficult to set up a new account with the same mobile number. Revolut does not charge you to keep an account that is inactive.

However, if you would like to close your account you must remove all of the funds within the account. Then, please contact us via the in-app support so we can delete it for you. You will need to answer some security details first.

Please close my account as I requested earlier. I would like to close it ASAP. All funds have been removed.thx.

Hello, were you able to get them to close it? I’ve told them about a million times that I want my account closed but there assistant Miya Glover is refusing to do so.

Hello, can you please advice me if it is possible to close the account if I can not log into the app? I am not able to solve my problem to log in, so I was thinking to close the account and open a new one - with the same phone number. Thank you for your help.

Please help me with similar issue.
I have created acc by mistake in UAE, want to switch to Europe

Hi, @Olena!

Why exactly do you want to switch to europe? Would you just like to use Euros as a Currency and not only Dirham? Then you can also switch between the App-Currencies directly on your start-page by tapping on the Arrow next to your balance. On the appearing “Accounts” popup, tap on “New” to start using a Euro-Account.

If you are still struggling with closing an account, maybe these steps will help you further:

  1. Open Revolut-App
  2. Tap on your Profile-Image in the top left corner
  3. Scroll all the way down
  4. Tap on “Close account” (its the one with the broken heart).
  5. Follow the procedure shown by the app itself.

If these steps do not work for you, please contact direcly the Support using the Built-In chat. They will help you to close the account. Please take note, that all funds need to be “removed” from the account.