Clipper Transit cards in Apple Wallet

Just a heads-up if anyone finds themselves in the SF Bay Area and tries to add a Clipper transit card to Apple wallet:

Revolut Visa cards in Apple Pay don’t work to add balance to these cards - they just show as declined in both Apple Wallet and the Revolut app - however Revolut Mastercards in Apple Pay are fine.

Should one find themselves in this situation, a workaround might be to create a virtual Mastercard in the Revolut app and add to Apple Pay, if your Revolut app offers the option to create Mastercard virtual cards.


Hmm, that’s interesting! :thinking: Thanks for sharing this @dd17.:heart_decoration:

SG | Community Team

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good idea, i had the same issue with revolut in SF


I’m glad this information helped you @achraf :hugs:

SG | Community Team

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