Clipper Transit cards in Apple Wallet

Just a heads-up if anyone finds themselves in the SF Bay Area and tries to add a Clipper transit card to Apple wallet:

Revolut Visa cards in Apple Pay don’t work to add balance to these cards - they just show as declined in both Apple Wallet and the Revolut app - however Revolut Mastercards in Apple Pay are fine.

Should one find themselves in this situation, a workaround might be to create a virtual Mastercard in the Revolut app and add to Apple Pay, if your Revolut app offers the option to create Mastercard virtual cards.


Hmm, that’s interesting! :thinking: Thanks for sharing this @dd17.:heart_decoration:

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good idea, i had the same issue with revolut in SF


I’m glad this information helped you @achraf :hugs:

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Sadly I don’t have the option to create a MasterCard virtual revolut card.
I always like to have a Visa and a MasterCard with me was a backup, it was needed sometimes.

I saw a similar problem with Visa cards on Japanese transit cards (Pasmo, Suica, ICOCA) where they refuse foreign Visa cards recharges by the wallet but accepts MasterCard and Amex.

Kanjo on Twitter believes that is because Visa wants to use something extra on their fraud prevention on Apple Pay that not all issuers supports yet :man_shrugging:t2:

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