Clicking "Create virtual card for free" costs you money

Did you know that pressing that big pink button costs you 6EUR? Now I know.

Interestingly this only happens when you don’t have a physical card, when you have a physical card (which failed to arrive, but it’s a different story) it displays a confirmation that it’ll cost you 6EUR to create a virtual card, but if you don’t have one, it just silently deducts the money from your balance. Support is unhelpful as usual.

Hello @DirtYiCE :slight_smile:

Cancelling the virtual card and ordering a physical one resulted in the fee being waived :wink:

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To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever want to use this service again. Already paid 12EUR for a big nothing (I can understand they don’t want to resend a physical card if it didn’t arrive, but come on, at least fix that GUI in your mobile app), and international bank transactions are so expensive with my current bank, having a Revolut account is simply not worth it.

Hey @DirtYiCE :slight_smile:

That has been done before with me and with other users. Ask the in-app support to see if they can do anything regarding the issuing cost.
Also, what’s wrong with the GUI?

You can top-up with a debit card for free :wink:

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The GUI clearly says get it for free when, in fact, it’s not free. When you have a physical card, it correctly displays it’ll cost you 6EUR.

As far as I know, you can’t top up HUF with a debit card, unfortunately.

I do not know what rate your Hungarian bank will use when you add EUR by a HUF card. But I usually use the Czech card with the CZK currency to supplement EUR. My bank uses a Mastercard rate. In Revolut then I will exchange EUR to CZK at the appropriate time.