Click to accept payment

I hate this feature.

I work for an airline and everybody uses Revolut. Many people I fly with are not in my contacts.

We go out and split the bill and say if I pay they all send me their portion of the bill.

If I forget to “accept” their payment it eventually times out and the payment is lost.

Why on earth do I have to accept a payment that somebody sends. Can’t you just add it to my account like any other payment.

If I send money from my bank to someone else they don’t have to “accept” the payment. It just appears in their bank.

It really is a stupid idea.


You only accept it once. Then after that it just comes through to your balance. I guess it’s a kind of security feature so you’re not just receiving funds randomly, you can accept from those you trust.

But I work with lots of different people all the time and they may only ever pay me once!

I’ve lost a good few payments because I get a message after 2 weeks saying your message from Tanya has timed out!

It’s a stupid system. If you send me money I should receive it. Simple.

They can send to your normal details to avoid this

Because we are a large group of people we share the QR code.

My point of the OP is there should be no reason for the recipient to accept an incoming payment. It’s should just arrive like any other financial institution.

Revolut’s P2P transfers were exploited in the past to identify potential phishing targets. That’s one reason I can think of why Revolut introduced this.


Exactly. It’s a security feature.


I don’t quite get the security thing. If a fraudster wants to send me money, then I’m all for it. I will happily take it and spend it.
What’s the catch?

Agreed. If I want to send money from my Santander/NatWest, TSB, Halifax account to you, you don’t have to accept the payment.

It’s different. IBANs aren’t the same as let’s say a phone number. There’s also not a 2nd party like Paypal involved where users also can send money via mail. Revolut’s feature is pretty complex, allowing card payments et cetera. Revolut introduced this mechanism at some point, it wasn’t always implemented like this. I believe it’s a direct reaction to a “problem” with the feature that was actively exploited in the past. That’s why I believe Revolut is not going to change it, unless they can solve the security risk otherwise. Like mentioned, transfers using account numbers do not have this limitation.

In short: this limitation didn’t exist, and was introduced at some point. The logical conclusion is that Revolut reacted to a problem. Assuming they introduced a hurdle and made a feature actually less convenient than it used to be does not make sense to me.

Well, sadly I’ve lost money with this system and I know I’m no the only one.

I feel a bit rude re-asking for money 3 weeks after some stranger colleague sent me a few pounds to legitimately pay for their portion of the meal.

Ask your friends to send it again, or request it from them with a reason why? Simple really.

Makes sense for people to accept it first save getting roped into a fraud/scam situation.

Not simple. They aren’t my friends they are colleagues from work whom I may or may not ever see again.

It’s not simple.

What is simple is if they send me money I get it.

You didnt accept the money so it will have reverted.

Is their name no longer in the transfer list of people?

Because they are not in my contacts list they are just as number. Even if it was a name it’s somebody I’ve worked with once and may never again so really I’ve got no idea who they are. That’s the aviation business.

My point is if they say here’s $20 that I owe you I should get $20.

I shouldn’t receive an email 3 weeks later saying the transfer timed of and then I have no idea who sent me the money originally. Even if I did know who it was I’d have to email or WhatsApp them and say “hello, you probably don’t remember me but……”

And when 7 or 8 people are all sending you money after dinner and a few drinks it’s almost impossible to keep up.

It’s not that hard - if person A sends person B $20 person B should receive $20.

They did send it.

You didn’t accept the payment.

If you’d used your account details not your revolut tag you’d have been fine, as payments sent using the old school method are processed the way you’d like.

You can also send people your revolut link instead, as those also don’t need to be accepted.

It’s your responsibility to manage your payments, and pay due care on actually receiving/accepting them if using your revolut tag.

I used the QR code. It’s the fastest way.

Sending your account number and sort code to 8 or 9 people in a busy restaurant just isn’t practical.

As I said before in my business almost everybody has Revolut and it’s become the kind of standard way we all pay. I’m accepting several payments a day from strangers.

It was never like this before. Sent money was received.

At least you know for future reference to accept payments.

As for bank number and sort code, no different to your Revolut user tag, just get everyone ready and off you go, or let someone else take the burde. Or everyone just pay their own share.

Thanks for all your suggestions, but unfortunately unless you are in my industry, it’s hard to fully understand the situation.

Thanks anyway.