Clearing system

Hi guys,

I did a money transfer (not big) from my bank account to :r: and after that I noticed the message which said that today is the big friday in European bank association clearing system. So does this mean that money in :r: will appear just on april 3rd?

From which country in which currency?

From Lithuania in Eur

So it should be a SEPA transfer then, unless you chose SWIFT. At what time did you transfer it today? Depending on that and considering the holidays I’d expect it on Tuesday, or Wednesday the lastest to show up.

Yep, it was a SEPA transfer. I transferred at about 7pm. That’s what I thought :slight_smile: Thanks

In that case (7pm) I’d go for Wednesday actually. Your bank will most likely go through with the payment on Tuesday and then it should up a day later in your Revolut account on Wednesday, probably around 10am GMT.

I bet that it will show up on Tuesday because usually it takes around an hour or even less. We’ll see

SEPA transfers usually take a day, but if your bank is faster, even better :slight_smile:

It’s likely to be Tuesday or Wednesday. Today (Friday) and Monday are both bank holidays in the UK. That means the banking system closes to international transfers from Thursday evening till Tuesday morning.

It doesnt appear to be a holiday in Lithuania, so the bank there could have sent it today, but 7pm was a bit late for that. Considering Monday seems to be a holiday in Lithuania as well, they will most likely resume on Tuesday, initiate the transfer, which by the next day should be with Revolut.