Chosen name rather than birth name


I guess the rainbow communities would be happy if Revolut would support the option to have their chosen name on the card, rather than the birth name.
Not sure if visa already has this feature, but Mastercard does have it and alls it “true name”.

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It would also be good to have a chosen name or nickname in the app too.


This is something I would be interested in as well, it looks a little hypocritical that the company offers rainbow-colored cards, and doesn’t implement this which costs them nothing and saves a lot of shame and embarrassment to their lgbt customers, especially since in half of Europe changing legal names is harder and discrimination is more common.

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Chosen the name on your card (for whatever reason you like) is so nice that I even suggested that on another post

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Revolut should really introduce the option to choose your own first name, preferably on the card, but definitely in the app. It’s really painful to see my old name everywhere in the app, especially when it wishes me “Happy pride, (deadname)!”. I contacted support over this, but they told me I ‘just had to change my passport’ (I wish it were that easy).

The app of my other bank (in the Netherlands) addresses me by my new name, and my Visa card just has my initials and last name, rather than my full passport name. It’s not hard to implement, and it’s a shame that Revolut hasn’t done this yet.


Welcome to our community @rb1990 :wave:. Thank you for sharing your thought with us. Stay tuned. :rocket:

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