Choosing BIN number for a revolut card

I just came across your company and you’re doing great job, thanks!

I’d like to ask: is it possible to choose the country encoded into BIN code of a virtual or physical Revolut card? If not, what will be the BIN if I order a card?

It matters to me becuase some merchants (notably Airbnb) use BIN to calculate your country and then force you into paying in the “currency of the card” with high conversion fees. For example, assume the if the base currency of an arbnb is EUR, and I have only the EUR in my Revolut account. If my Revolut’s card is issued with British BIN, when I try to reserve an airbnb, Airbnb service will force the usage of GBP for this transaction with their poor conversion rates and fees. I’ll end up converting EUR (account) -> GBP (with a good Revolut rate) and then GBP -> EUR (with poor Airbnb rate). Not fun :frowning:

I’d love to use Revolut to circumvent these fees. In fact, usually rather reluctant to engage in “monthly payments”, I’d be happy to set up premium Revolut account if it gave the option to choose the country of the card embodied into BIN.



I do wanna know this as well!

Some Bins are UK based as far as I know

The BIN is British for the plastic card

5391 23

The virtual card has 4596 54

Romanian based account. So doesn’t matter. Or maybe the euro zone has another BIN, but I doubt.

That’s a pity :frowning:

Can someone with an account from the eurozone confirm that they got cards with UK BIN too?

Depends on the card,

The premium black/silver has a bin from UK(539123) the others(rose gold/goldblack and silver) Romania (535298)

Personally, both my regular blue card and premium (black/silver) have the bin 539123. Only the last 8 digits change.
Same thing for virtual cards.
Visa cards bin is: 459654

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Here(Netherlands) the blue purple card is Visa so I don’t know the MC bin.

As far as I can see:

  • Physical & virtual Mastercards: 539123
  • Physical & virtual Visas: 459654
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When I had the rose gold and silver it was 535298

Maybe its all changed to 539123 because of the banking license

Yeah who knows…

On a side note, my Revolut for Business Mastercards are 531423.

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Binchecker says its a MC Gold card credit from the Bahamas, probably a old BIN list😂

Tried another binchecker which said it’s issued by “NORWEST BANK IOWA, N.A.” :laughing:
These bin checkers needs to update more often :smile:

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Oh nice. Years ago I used to work online and get the wage via a bank in Belize to avoid paying taxes :joy: all the time when I hear about Panama/ Belize/ Bahamas/ Nicaragua or other countries there I remember I didn’t paid the ANAF :joy:

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Note: if anyone comes saying @Iskender should pay taxes etc, while that may be true, remember that most GAFAM pay next to nothing in taxes in our countries, and that pisses off good honest citizens. Rather than complain, give a high 5 to @Iskender :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


the Paysafe BIN (539123) is now a US based BIN?

bincodes is the only one that states Paysafe

Still UK based:


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Binlists say USA. Maybe their list is old

Which website you’re using to check the BIN number? Thanks.

@sygi, since 3rd December 2018 this practice breaches Regulation (EU) 2018/302. A merchant can no longer impose different conditions based on your card’s EEA country of issue. Changing the transaction currency is most definitely a different condition.


hello please i have a question i need to change my bin vertual card but idon’t no how