Choose your own personal iban

It would be nice to be able to choose your own persoanle iban. Other digital banks allow you to do that, and it’s a great thing

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I frankly cannot see how that would work…

I do know it is possible to check and confirm an IBAN but for a customer to create their own - confusion could ensue and the whole structure of IBAN compromised :thinking:


Yapeal allows you to do this without any problems

Not sure you have got that quite right about setting your own IBAN.

The Private and Private+ accounts from Yapeal let you transfer money to foreign accounts in more than 80 different countries. Yapeal uses Wise (formerly TransferWise) for international transactions. You pay the Wise fees, plus a Yapeal convenience fee.

They got it partly right. Yapeal’s website says you can freely choose the last twelve digits of the IBAN (account number in CH), the first part can’t be changed. You can even choose letters instead of numbers. It sounds kinda cool, but it also sounds like a solution that is looking for a problem. I’m probably just too old to understand that. But hey, why not?

It would make it much easier to remember for the customer as the LT IBAN is quite long :sweat_smile:

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