Choose the main currency


It would be great to choose the main currency on the homepage of Revolut app.

Because every time then I start up the application, GBP currency is the main. The main currency in my country is Eur, so it would be great to see the Eur currency on the center of the page…

It could be done in Profile Settings.

King regards


That’s weird, on mine the currency in the centre of the screen at start up is the one there at last close down. Just checked and I can have EUR, GBP or USD in the centre at start up.


This is the single most frustrating thing of Revolut.
If it’s an international service which caters to many countries and currencies, why can’t I establish which is my main wallet/currency? Why do I have to see the GBP wallet as a default? This should be as simple as a small checkbox in the profile options under “choose base currency” or “choose default wallet”. Believe it or not, I have been suggesting this simple option for over a year, but the app still defaults to the GBP wallet.

Txs for listening!


This must be a bug as I can do exactly what you are asking for. If I exit the app whilst it is set to EUR then next time I open it it starts at EUR, if I exit on USD it opens next time on USD and similar for GBP.


Yes met too, always opened in EUR. You has dowloaded the newest version?


it does this if the app is open, and you go back to it via the app switcher but the app remains in the background. If you log out or close the app completely, it will always default go back to GBP


this has now been added as of the update this morning. When you log in, it shows your country’s default currency.Bravo Revolut, great job @AndreasK