Choose country of origin for credit cards


I just had this idea:

In Japan some services can only be paid with Japanese issued cards. A non-Japanese card gets rejected (for example in the Japanese iTunes Store).

What if you could choose that your card looks like a Japanese card? That would make payment possible for those services.

Thank you very much for reading.



Great idea!

That would be so useful to pay Spotify (or a similar service) cheaper by setting the card to a country where the monthly fee is cheaper than your local area :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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Getting something cheaper is not my main intention. Being able to pay for those services is. It would be enough if that card would be virtual only.

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I would like this so I can get a Japanese app store account :sweat_smile:



Just get an Japanese iTunes gift card as a workaround.



Shouldn’t have to!




Unfortunately that is the only way right now for us - or get an expensive JCB card. :laughing:



Can’t get one of those in the UK :pensive:



Germans and Austrians can get them. But its not worth applying for them. Those fees are totally insane. :scream:



You can’t get this. Services are geolocalized. That means revolut would break T&C of services like iTunes, Spotify, etc.

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Why would Revolut break the T&C? It is the user of that service that does break the T&C, not the provider of the payment card, IMHO. My Revolut MasterCard has an issuing country of UK, my Revolut Maestro has issuing country Austria and my virtual Visa again UK. I live in neither of these countries.
If I would now try to get services either from UK or AT, which according to the T&C of that service, are not provided to me because of my geolocation, it is my problem if I work around their control system by using a Revolut card. It might even be against the T&C of Revolut as I am sure there is somewhere a section that you shall only use the services of Revolut in a legal manner.



+1 to this!

This would be fantastic, ESPECIALLY for virtual cards as it would make purchasing at some stores much easier