Choose a card.....spinning wheel of death

Hi there, just signed up with the app, deposited £50.00 I am then asked if I want a card, yes, please!
However whenever I click it goes nowhere just a spinning wheel, I have restarted phone several times to no avail. I do also see that on the website it states I need to sign up to premium to get a card, which is correct please and why is the app offering me a card when I am not premium?


Where on the website does it say premium is mandatory to get a card? Cards are also available for standard users.

I would try to delete and reinstall the app :thinking:


With normal account (non-premium or -business) you can only select the standard-card (the one with sparkling pink), eventough the “spinning wheel” shows all designs…

Also ensure you’ve verified yourself (with foto of ID - be fast doing it, the timeout is very short)

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Hi Frank, it doesn’t specifically, but in the comparison (see attached) the standard doesn’t mention the included card whereas in the premium offering it does mention the premium cards.

Hm, but how would you withdraw money from ATMs without a card? :wink:

The card is presented on the regular product page. I agree, the comparison chart could be more helpful.


Thanks, the-mike, Well I can’t apply for the standard card, all I get on my iPhone X is a spinning wheel in the Revolut app. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing the app, restarting the phone etc… won’t work.

You are using both the latest “official” non-beta iOS and app versions, I assume?

Have you verified yourself already?
Otherwhise - try to contact support as there seems to be a hiccup somewhere we can’t help with…

Hey @lrcpunting, I’ve been in touch via DM about this. :slight_smile: