Choice between Mastercard or Visa


Hi team Revolut!

Firstly thank you very much for the service you provide us, works well so far. I’m very happy with it!

Secondly I wanted to create an account for my wife with your offer for a free card and I wanted her to get a Visa (I already have the Mastercard). I’ve seen many people getting a Visa these last weeks…So she ordered the free card (no problem at all to get it for free) but in the end she will get a Mastercard unfortunately. Is there any chance to make the choice somehow, where? I didn’t see any option for that.

If I order and pay for a second card on my account, will it be possible to have this Visa?
I’m not premium user

Thank you very much


Visa cards are currently limited for few countries only (or UK only not sure).

For now, is not possible to chose between Visa or Mastercard.


Hi @Iskender,
Thank you for your answer.
I was wondering something like this. I come from Switzerland so it seems it’s not avalaible there though. Shame.


They have previously stated it is coming soon. :slight_smile:


In Poland there is no real difference in acceptance.


No difference in Denmark and properly rest of notdics too


Yes, to Alior, ING and Credit Agricole.
Without any problem (and without any fee :wink:). Technically money goes from PEKAO III o. in Warsaw from account which is kept for The Currency Cloud Limited…