Chip with pin declined

Hi all,
I’m new to using Revolut and so far im finding it rather inconsistent.
I verified my card at the local Sainsburys with just the magnetic strip, no pin. Great, it worked!
Then I went to use it at a B&Q where paywave was not available and the magnetic strip instructed me to use the chip and pin, and my card was declined.
I crossed the street to Wickes and used the card again, this time with paywave, and it worked.
Next stop, homebase where the chip and pin were also declined, so I had to pay in cash…
My pin is correct according to my account and the paywave has worked, though was declined when using the local bus the next day (again, I had to pay cash).
Is it common for this card to be so unreliable on a day to day basis?

Cheers, P

Try use it in ATM, changing PIN or withdrawing any money.

Hey p.dzi. Does the two declined transactions appear in the app? If not then is suspect the two places uses a terminal which is not online. If the transactions appear in the app as declined then tap one of them and it should show the reason.

Hi guys, my declined transactions don’t show up at all. I will try make a small withdrawal and see what the result is. Regardless, the card should be able to be used in all its functionality, its inconsistency is making it unreliable…

The Revolut card requires the terminal to be online. If it is not online then the card wont work. This is mostly an issue with toll both or unmanned gas stations.

Thanks, but ive never come across this with any other credit or debit card - if the magnetic strip doesnt work, the chip should, and vice versa. Paywave i can understand, its relatively new in comparison…

I guess it is because the Revolut card is still “prepaid” and as such it can’t go in a negative balance. So when you use the card the terminal have to make sure the funds is there.

There are funds there, thanks

Yes but the funds are not transferred to the card over the air. Which means the card is a way to ask revolut if there is enough funds. If the terminal is offline then it have no way of doing this.

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Hi redi, I tried the ATM and I wasn’t able to withdraw any cash or change my pin. My card was also declined when trying to pay for a train ticket using the chip and pin function, right after someone had used the card machine before me and it had worked. That same machine wouldnt use paywave. Moving on to another machine I was able to use the paywave function.
Do you have any other suggestions as to why the chip and pin functions are not working on my card? Cheers.

I suppose that your card can be broken. In your situation I would contact support then order new card and ask revolut for return this cost.
@anon33247966 could you help?

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Can you please contact our in-app support team?

I tried that today and was told ot could take up to 2 hours to hear from someone, around 2pm-ish, but havent heard from anyone at all…