Chip & Signature


The Revolut card can be uncomfortable at the restaurant when you leave the card on the plate the waiter, you must communicate their PIN to a stranger.

It would be nice to be able to order a Chip & Signature instead of Chip & Pin


this is a prepaid debit card, unlike old visa cards.
the pin is for your own security.
or you can use contacless (which I would really hope had an higher limit of £50 instead of 30)


Well I certainly WON’T give the PIN to the waiter. Simply go pay at desk with your PIN.

I think Chip & PIN is the future (and signature impossible with a prepaid card?). Here in France we have mobile PoS when you type your PIN at table. :smiley:


Chip & Signature is just a guarded way of saying no authentication required at all. There’s a man in the middle attack for chip and pin cards that abuses the existence of chip & signature on the card, telling the card reader that it’s using a pin, and the card that it’s using a signature.

This weakness has been known for over five years, and has been used in the wild. Here’s an article on Bruce Schneier’s blog about it.


I understand that this is a security measure, but since in any case of fraud, as in the specific FAQ Revolut same, there will be no refund, I wonder what could serve this obsessive attention to safety… ???

I think you have to let the user choose to order a Chip & Signature or Chip & PIN Card
"Old Visa Signature" were perfect!! Very Fast! And MagStripe even better (fast)!

Hardly anyone lose your wallet without realizing! And especially to block the card, if you need, is a tap on your smartphone, incredible easy! All these restrictions are unjustified!

Please add this feature or allow magstripe payments always (even when the chip reader is available, “transaction denied” bug)

Until now I was forced to communicate the PIN to the waiter every time the transaction with magstripe was denied. Do you believe it’s safer than Chip&Signature o MagStripe…!!!

I have reason to believe it is paradoxical that, when all my bank cards allow to use magstripe if used instead of chips.

Deutsche Bank, UniCredit and Intesa SanPaolo allow you to use the magnetic stripe successfully, in all cases, if you so choose.
It 's very bad by Revolut force the user to choose how to pay


Magnetic stripe is working with Revolut. Why would it be denied?
Restaurants should get mobile POS. The issue is at the restaurant in my opinion.


Avsolutely. They HAVE to come to you to pay with a PoS. Square do it perfectly and even bank issued material is portable now.


you give away your PIN?
and you wonder why they try to make it more secure?
cause ppl will do stupid things