Chinese Yuan account

This feature might attract a lot more customers in @revolut

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we can’t even make CNY payments, let alone keeping currency.

I believe only CNH is legally possible though

it seems Transfer money on the bank accounts in the most populated countries on earth (INDIA &CHINA) is also not supported at the moment.

@anon33247966 can you give some clarification on the subject

because the governments of those countries don’t want others to deal on their currencies.

CNY is supported as a spending currency only at the moment.

Hi @anon33247966, any insight on why Transferwise allows us to keep and transfer INR but Revolut had to (silently) remove it?

No I don’t know why Transferwise allows INR.


Capital controls and restrictions on capital movement means that there are two markets in terms of FX: Onshore and offshore.

I believe it would be possible to like, hold and spend it assuming it used the fixed rates that the Government provide for currency -> CNY and get some preferential treatment :joy: