Chile Atm's with no fees?


Hi to all
in January i will be in Chile for some weeks
i would like to know if someone knows to tell me if there is a fees using Revolut to withdraw money from Atm.



I’m in Chile right now. The following ATMs don’t charge fees:

  • Corpbanca
  • Itaú
  • Security

Mind that there is a 200k CLP limit per withdrawal in Chile.

One other very important thing, Revolut’s card DOES NOT work in most places for purchases, only in those with contactless terminals (and you have to actually pay contactless). Please take another card with you for payments or you are going to have problems.

Enjoy your trip!


Thanks my friend
Did you know what rate they give you this banks?


The rate is determined by the card, not the ATM. If you are offered a particular exchange rate, it’s usually better to say no and just make the transaction in the local currency.

If you do and use Revolut’s card, you’ll get the interbank rate for the first £200 or £500, then a 2% markup.

Enjoy Chile! I’m in Viña del Mar and the weather is awesome. Very bad fire yesterday though.


Thank you my friend
i will be the next week in Quillota close to Con Con i cant wait for the Chilean summer.
Feliz año nuevo

do not drink all the pisco


On December 10th, Itaú and CorpBanca are charging a fee of 5.000$ pesos.

I will check Security tomorrow and also Banco International, does anyone know about more options?


I didn’t find any single ATM that wouldn’t charge you at least 4.000 pesos for a withdrawal, usually 5.000. Shitty currency, shitty conditions.


Banco Internacional charges no withdrawal fees. You can find an ATM very close to Cerro Santa Lucía in Santiago. Tested with another card.

Also, Banco BICE in Concepción doesn’t charge withdrawal fees. Tested with Revolut card.


No withdrawal fee from Scotiabank. Choose checking account.

To pay for services in stores always say CREDITO otherwise you will not be able.