CHF (and other) top ups through local accounts


Currently, the 3 accounts for USD, EUR and GBP are all held with Barclays in London using UK sortcode / bankaccount number / IBAN.

For GBP this is the perfect “native” solution, for EUR this is also OK as funds can be moved to/from this account without incurring costs (possible caveat Brexit).

For USD this is already problematic: Transferring USD to an account in the UK will, in most cases, attract fees. Once new currencies are introduced, the same problem will apply. Example CHF. If the CHF-account will be a Barclays-CHF account in the UK, loading the card in CHF will attract substantial fees.

Possible solution: See currencyfair / transferwise. These companies hold local accounts in the respective countries, allowing for free transfers.


Very good idea, I leave in Switzerland



This would be perfect and would make my Revolut Card thr only one to use:)


My best wish for CHF would be that revolut opens a CHF account with Barclays Switzerland, not Barclays UK.


I guess adding national accounts in different currencies and countries isn’t a problem. When payments come from Revolut by bank transfer, they often come from CurrencyCloud. TransferWise, mentioned earlier by “chr76”, is also affiliated somehow with CurrencyCloud (just based on the incoming payments). That automatically suggests they can have a talk on providing combined services.


How about Danish Krone? That would be awesome (into an account held in Denmark, as a local transfer, please :slight_smile: ).

Thank you