cheque deposit by photos


I know the cheques are less and less used nowadays in UK. But I guess this functionality could be useful for EU zone when you launch the EU current account.


What? Are you kidding? I believe cheques are used less everywhere else than in the UK. :grimacing:


When I lived in Paris, I received/gave in general 3/4 cheques every month. None ever in London for 2.5 years.


Here in Holland I can’t remember using cheque’s … Maybee 15 years ago? :money_mouth_face:


maybe there is a need for business account.


Well, yes @sixth, the French are also known for their admiration of cheques. But I remember friends paying their rent in London with weekly cheques. That was around the year 2000. And someone once asked me to recommend a typewriter because they needed one to fill out cheques. That was also a London office, sometimes around 2004 maybe? :relaxed:

I got my last cheque sometimes in the late 1990s. It was a refund from Apple Computer. Sent via UPS express from Cork, Ireland. Something about 30 USD. My bank charged me about 15 DM for depositing the cheque.


@Frank : but the UK banksystem (account, sortcode, name and adress) is also silly :tired_face:
Take an IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code just as the rest of Europe as you brexit us … Keep the good EU things …