checking the balance / available funds

I think it’s worth to enter the function of checking the balance on the cards added to android Apk. I want to check available funds for cards from different banks (added to revolut) This option/function is available in ATM but for each one individually…

Hmm, I am not sure that could happen before Revolut has got a banking licence - and even then I am not sure how that you play out internationally. They would need to be able to check the balance of accounts in every European (later worldwide) bank.

On a side note, I actually do find it questionable that ATMs can check the exact balance of accounts with other banks anyhow.

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in Poland, in every ATM, you can check the amount of funds available on the card. I often travel abroad and I can check my balance at foreign ATMs. This feature would be useful in the Android application. It should be possible to check the available funds for each card separately.

Well, the problem is it does not check anything “on” the card but accesses your account balance and I think it is questionable that every bank can do so - different issue though :slight_smile:

Maybe @AndreasK has some input on that subject but I’d expect them to need a banking licence to join that selected circle of “free access to accounts for everyone, free access for everyone” :smiley:

I have an account at various banks in Poland and abroad and I always have the opportunity to check the available funds at an ATM, regardless of the card…the amount of funds available was always shown correctly at the ATM. That’s why my idea of ​​implementing such a function to the application.

We are going just a tiny bit in circles, arent we :wink: