Chat with support team cleared every time


My account is currently blocked, I have to contact the support team, however, my chat log cleared nearly every day and I can’t use my account again. The support said the case is escalated to the compliance team but the chat log is cleared and I have to contact again and wait again from the very beginning. If it’s keep things like this, is there any difference between this and a FRAUD? I don’t believe I can sue Revolut for keeping my money for no reason.


Hello @fourthbus,

I can see we have managed to get in touch and solve the issue.

Please let me clarify that this is not a bug. If your account is locked, you’re not able to see the previous history as a security measure. This prevents other to have access to your personal information.


Andreas K


Could you explain to me how by blocking your own access to your own account details you improve security. Why dont you stop invoking security mesures to impose what you want to your powerless trapped customers.


Of course. If your account is locked, you need to contact our support team, and answering some security questions. Meaning all you personal information is in the chat, such us name, date of birth, last top up amount etc. If you close the chat, the a new ticket opens.

So, If you loose your phone, and someone tries to contact support to access your account, they will not be able to see your chat history, where your personal information is stored


Andreas K.


My data security if I loose my phone is MY problem and I know how to protect them. What about if your database is hacked ? Where is my security in this case ?
Why dont you tell me why you blocked me at the first place ? Also security reasons ?
Come on !!! Security reasons nowadays are invoked all the time and in reality we have less freedom and less security.