'Chat to us' support has been offline a long time

Hi. Im trying to raise my top-up level. I have sent supporting documents to Revolut as requested, but havent had feedback on the process. As such, I have been asking for information/ support from Revolut via the app where it says ‘chat to us’. However this function says it is ‘offline’ now and it has been offline the whole day, and most of yesterday. I dont know how long it will be before they reply - which is a big concern as I need the funds for a very time sensitive task (which I have told them). Does anyone have any advice on how to actually speak to Revolut staff? It would be much appreciated.

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This process can last up to week.
BTW. This is strange. Chat is online for me

Can you check it now?

Have you tried to lout out and in again? Maybe even reinstall the app? I chatted with support today, I did not notice a downtime.

Thanks very much for the replies. I did logout and in several times to no effect, though I hadnt deleted the app and replaced it.

I got a message today saying that they had not been able to get back to me due to high numbers of customer questions.

I imagine that the chat functionality isnt the same to all customers - it sounds like it could be operational/ non-operational based on things such as geography or language (or maybe other criteria) (e.g. if the queue is too big in one area, they may say its offline), as Im not sure how else to explain our different experiences. Just leaving it as offline though doesnt seem like a great solution.

Thanks loads for the replies

@AndreasK can you tell us something more about offline chat?

Hi there. Could you please update your app?

@AndreasK Hi. I tried deleting the app and restarting it as suggested above. I ended up having to use a different phone number and could transfer some money in that, but had to pay a fee. Is there anway to move back to my original number? Im trying but cant see a way to login to it.

It seems like you’ve created two accounts. Have you contacted the in app support? They should be able to “merge” the two accounts and change the phone number to the one you want to use.

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Hi there I have an important topic to talk to the support by chat but I’m considered all the time as offline and I can’t talk to anyone. Someone has an idea to resolve it please? It’s very disturbing. Thank you.

Hi I was sent a refund from Poland on the 21st January 2020 but It still haven’t received it on my Revolut card. I have contacted the sender 3 times and they assured me that it has been sent back. Can you help me with this.

Connect to wi-fi…
It sorted offline issue…

i have a big issue with the revolut app. my iphone7 was stolen and i’m using an iphone SE with a new sim but the same phone number ( xxxxx in france ). the revolut app ask me to take a selfie but the round button on screen doesn’t work so i cannot use the app. can you help ? my email ( xxxxxxx )