Chat support is not working

Waiting for more then 24hrs for a reply of someone…

Whats wrong with you guys ??

Business chats should be available at all times… 24Hrs no reply!!!

How do you expect people will put 100 thousands of euros over these type of acounts if no one is there for support…

Hello @SolidSurfHouse :wave:

It seems that your chat was stuck for a short while with the onboarding team. I’ve passed it now to the support team who should be able to help you soon.

Kind regards,

I’ve been waiting 72 hrs…

Hi can you urgently help pls. Getting no help from support and been asking for days. I can’t verify account and going on holiday today. Can someone please acknowledge what is being done about it? Thanks

I’ve waited over 24 hours. Need to verify my account, but the selfie camera in the app is not working. Camera is working fine away from the app. Easier to just close my account at this rate.

I’ve been waiting 7hrs and nothing in response to issue. No access to funds and no access to support. Shocking customer service. Embarrassed to say I bought shares in this company and invested.

I am waiting for 2 days already. I am not going use Revolut if nobody responses today.

i have been waiting since tuesday for a reply and i have pending deposits.

i need the money to pay suppliers, it is a poor service that is hurting my business.

I am also waiting for 24h now, still no answer, I really need my salary to be transferred

I don’t understand is your incoming transaction blocked? How often does this happen? That’s a real deal breaker. Never happens with “high street” banks.

if you can’t grab @rafael_revolut or @olga_revolut here, try through twitter or facebook

On the plans page the Priority support is promised. What is this priority? No answer in more than 24 hours? I need not just response but action, please.

Sent money to USD business account one week ago. Still have not received. Waiting for 48h, still no answer from support.

Hi Ivan, my salary transfer is blocked because the HR department didn’t add the 8-digit reference code. So I just had to contact the support and give them the transfer confirmation. But nobody answers…

I have also been waiting for 7 hours now

Oh, that’s a bummer, couldn’t you use a Local IBAN? without references? Or you have an international payment with a different currency?

I need make urgent payment my account is blocked I haven’t card… I don’t know contact where chat is not working phone is not working telling people how we can!! Contact where?

Well, As I’m in internship in Switzerland and I only have a French account, so I wanted to transfer my salary directly on my Revolut chf account.

Right, Switzerland, best of luck! I hope they resolve it soon!

if you get paid in EUR you should be able to use the individual local (SEPA) IBAN without reference number. most Swiss companies have proper EUR accounts afaik