Chat support is completely blank. Can't access my account as I have changed number.


As above really. When I state my number changed it brings me to live chat which is a blank screen with no Rita. Yesterday the volumes stated it was a 4 hour delay but now the screen is just blank. Yes I have reinstalled many times now. Please help - Thanks ,



Hey @C921 :slight_smile:

You could give any of these alternative methods a try to see if you can get troubleshooting through them:


Hi. These options didn’t help unfortunately. @AndreasK can you please assist?


Hi there. I’ve been in touch via DM, please check your inbox.


Hi Jessica.

The live chat worked via a colleagues phone. I was then able to log in and access the live chat on my phone. I am not sure why the support screen was blank originally. Thank you for getting in touch so quickly.


Is there any news on this issue? This is currently happening to me. An agent changed my phone number (as I requested) and now I cannot access my account or reach out to the support. I never receive the verification SMS.

I have read multiple threads, but no one posts a concrete solution.

Thank you.


Hi Bruno,

I got it resolved by using revolut on a different device and accessing their live chat via that.


Thank you. I don’t think I can manage to get another device.

If there is anyway a revolut team member could help me through here I would greatly appreciate.

Thank you


If you have a laptop you can use an Android Emulator such as Nox App Player or BlueStacks to run the Revolut app instead of finding another physical device.


Hello Jessica- can you please help me- I am having the same problem, I have changed phone number and I can’t get onto the app. Rita can’t help me either. V frustrating as I need to get sorted due to flying to Helsinki tomorrow.