Chat response

Absolute joke no response from chat meant to be credited chargebacks by this afternoon!! Now been told I have to wait till tues after fighting to get claim accepted? The 24 hour timeframe was clearly untrue

Try Facebook. It’s half an hour between replies no matter how wick you are to respond but at least you get something. I’m waiting on a response from the app almost 24 hours.

Ok I’ll try thanks for the response

This is the only reason that stops me signing up fully the lack of support. I keep seeing excuses that everyone is busy and that’s why it takes time. However, rather than keep giving excuses, just get some more people in.

Happy customers = More customers.

It becomes self funding soon enough.

I must admit I’ve been treated badly I’ve only. i was in tears all yesterday and last night because of this the only reason I have reported the charges now is because I didn’t know how to look at charges ive only recently been taught how to use the app by my new carer but apparently that’s not good enough I used the app on differe devices to top up not realising to look further as I didn’t know how

And what’s worse is im mentally disabled hence having a carer! I will upload the chat later to prove