Chat line down


At 18.28 BST I tried to use Rita. I got a message saying the chat line closed at 18.00 GMT (19.00 BST).

What are the correct operating hours on weekends please?


Please see below.


Please explain your comment, “Please close up and go away.” Is this directed at me? If so, why?

I repeat, when trying to use Rita, I received a message that said, “… Sat-Sun: 12pm - 6pm (GMT time).”

At the moment the UK is on BST not GMT. With one hour difference, 6pm GMT becomes 7pm BST. Either the message I received is incorrect or it’s the information you posted.

Please take a chill pill and go away!!


It’s not a comment from me.

It’s the title of the thread authored by someone else. If you hover the mouse over the title of the thread and click, you’ll go to the thread.

I attached my response (in relation to supplying the image that showed a screenshot of the non-Premium support hours.) in that thread, but I was not the one who authored the title, or the original post.

My assumption is that the non-Premium operating hours of the customer support remain 12–6 PM UK time, with UK time being BST at the current moment.

Will need further clarification from a Revolut employee as to whether this is the case, but it doesn’t make sense if the operating hour is extended one further hour solely due to implementing daylight saving time.

Apart from the customer operations team who man the forum during the weekday (Identified by the :r: logo at the lower right corner of the avatar.), majority of people who do respond to queries are volunteers.

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I am finding this particular forum very complicated to use with text from two different threads mixed in together.

I will leave this now and contact Revolut directly tomorrow for an answer to my problem.

Before I go I would like to apologise unreservedly to Capital for jumping to conclusions and having a pop at them. Thank you Capital for offering an explanation to my query.


No worries, no offence taken.