How can i chat with help desk?


By being very, very patient. One of my sessions with them.last week took, IIRC, 28 hours on the queue.


I’m a newbie here, and can confirm that chat although initiated has still be unsuccessful, although it’s been 23 hours since it was last initiated and I’m still waiting for a human agent to drop by. I seem to hve surprised myself with my own levels of patience, and will continue to wait patiently.


Have you typed “live agent”?

Another way to get past the bot is to phrase a more complex question. Write everything a support agent might need to know right away. This way, they can solve your problem once an agent is assigned to your inquiry and you don’t have to sit and wait.


Yes, I’ve tried that a couple of times, and have types live agent in there. It said an agent would be with me in approximately 4 hours, and no one showed up even 19 hours past that 4 hour deadline. I still seem to have that chat open and am happy to share a screenshot if it helps.

Many thanks.


Still waiting for live agent after 48 hrs re bank transfer information what to do ?


Wait…wait…and wait…

Those who are patient enough will be one day rewarded with functional customer service!


How can you contact management, any advice


My advice would be: don’t waste your time on this. Pester them on on chat, be patient, they will hopefully get back to you in about 96 hours. Not joking here but it is almost like a joke at present!


i am not getting a response for 9 days, even asking for live agent, i got a stuck transfer , so basically revolut is holding my money, no kick back no receiving or funds no response no solution… i have not reached my yearly limit, the failure reason say i ‘almost’ reached, so i uploaded proofs as well of my source of income, still nothing is happening… very disappointing…
only responce i got is that this has been escalated… and they currently experiencing a huge backlog


Try typing “resolved” and then “live agent” again, might be glitched. Also contact them through Facebook and/or Twitter, it might speed up the process.


unfortunately none of them works. tried 3 days ago the ‘resolved’ option … also contacted them on every platform with no luck :frowning:


@Krisy3 @MamzelleC Sorry to hear that. I guess you will have to wait for the in-app chat support to get back to you. Waiting times have been terrible lately but hopefully they will resolve this issue soon.


This is really bad, I’ve had issues with chats not being responded too, having to wait 19hrs for a response. This does not bode well for the immediate future with regards to customer service, which any institution servicing customers has to understand is paramount. More established companies are now on retention of customers, as a newish company Revolut have to get this issue sorted otherwise people will start talking with their feet, it’s really that simple. My usage of Revolut is primarily for holiday usage, but until things are ironed out, customer services are drastically improved, I’ll more likely use my current cash card from eurochange, load it with relevant currency and have no issues


I’m surprised that while new companies are embracing technology as a medium to communicate with their customers, and provide purely online services, a customer support medium that Doesn’t respond even within 24 hours of having been contacted on a working day is a little puzzling.

With all due respect, my friends are enjoying Revolut and that’s one of the reasons that I’ve just joined, but when you have a query that’s not covered by an FAQ, and are not able to contact customer support in an emergency, in all frankness that could get a little frustrating.

My query on an issue of requesting a new card has now been resolved, thanks to an existing forum member having looped in a staff member of Revolut in the reply to my post. Much appreciated on that response and final resolution.


Look like is too dangerous using this for holiday. I’m new, still waiting the card but already want to close account because what I see everyday here. No customer service, accounts blocked whitout any notice.

The app is very cool, features are nice but this is money, I can’t take the risk to put money on account with a support like this.


I agree, I’ve already got a card that used to use for holidays etc, was going to start using Revolut but that definitely won’t be happening until the customer services actually service customers within an appropriate length of time. Conventional organisations use tech to respond but say it’s within 48hrs, however, they have phone lines that you can use in case of emergency. If a company is using solely tech for comms, then it has to be much better than we are seeing here. Yes, certain questions can be answered by the forum, but they cannot unblock accounts or sort out why a transfer has gone Pete Tong. Revolut comms must do better, much much better