Chat app wrongly closing early


Hi Revolut

You have a bug with the chat app. It’s returning an “OutsideOfficeHours” json payload at 17:36UTC (when your contact page says support is available until 19:00UTC).

To make it worse, the chat app throws a generic “Bad request” error, see screen shot:




Should mention this bug is with the Revolut Business webapp (not phone)


I’m seeing Mon—Fri: 6am—10pm

In any case, they need to update their UI code to correctly handle the response so the chat app replies “office closed” rather than “bad request”


I think this is for the consumer version of Revolut, rather than Revolut for Business.

I’ve had a look at the operating hours for Revolut for Business’s customer support and it appears to be from 9 to 6 PM.

I assume that :r: for Business’s customer support team is different to :r:'s consumer operations, given how the questions that :r: for Business customers raise (e.g. Onboarding, …) are quite different to the questions for :r: Standard/Premium.

I do agree that having ‘outside operating hours’ as a message would be more helpful than ‘bad request’, however.



Thanks for confirming the 6pm (not sure where to find that though? If I go to then click “Contact” in the footer it takes me to which shows support open until 10pm UK time).

Slightly irritating that free users get support until 10pm yet paying business users only get it until 6pm. Is there anyway to find out if biz support is open over the weekend (since obviously I can’t trust the times shown on the consumer contact page)?


Yes but that’s a link to the customer-facing page.

If you go to, or any other Revolut for Business page, and click the support icon, you will see the image.

You need to remember that Revolut and Revolut for Business have different customer pools, and therefore the customer support staff are trained specifically for that product offering.

Customer support staff dealing with Revolut for Business customers might be talking about integrating their internal products via Open API, or discussing what legal company form is supported.

On the other hand, customer support staff trained specifically for the consumer product will might be helping customers with their personal EUR IBAN, or helping with the identity verification process (as part of the AML/KYC checks.).

Revolut (The retail/consumer version.) has 900,000+ customers, whereas Revolut for Business only has 16,000. That’s a difference in volume.

In addition, you need to remember that Revolut has existed since 2015. That’s 2 years. Revolut for Business has only been around since mid-2017. New Revolut for Business-facing customer support staff need to be recruited and trained.

Revolut Premium exists.

Some customers who have opted for Revolut Premium are also paying retail users.


Perhaps another bug then as that doesn’t work for me. If I go to and click the chat icon it asks me to login. If I login and click the chat icon it shows me the contents of my last chat with a support rep and an input box to continue chatting (which then yields the “bad request” error if I try to send a message).

Well aware, I was probably one of their first 50,000 customers.

Indeed, but given my Barclays business account offers 24/7 support and already costs a quarter of what I’m paying now for Revolut, it’s difficult to justify :wink:



True, but given their un-competitive fee structure, I suppose they can use the profits/margin for hiring a dedicated person with the money you’re giving them. :wink:

Revolut for Business is relatively new, and I do get where you’re coming from, given how :r: for Business users are paying fees for their subscription plans.

I think it’s a growth and scaling issue, something that can be easily resolved with more hiring and training, due to them $71m in their last Series B+2nd crowdfunding round.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they got 24/7 support for :r: for Business in the near future.