Charity Business Accounts


Are there any current plans to offer discounted non-profit accounts for charities upon verification? Very few banks offer nonprofit accounts, which can sometimes increase the expenses of NGOs quite a lot, especially those with international partners.

TechSoup or Benevity can be also be used for validating the documentation of the potential charities.


Yes please!!
Even though free account exist for non profit associations and such, they are not tech-oriented!
I’d love a Revolut approach on this sector


Absolutely! We are creating two non profit communities ( one to promote new writers and the other one to promote young comedians - on stage and short movies ) and we are a small group so far. So we might wait like a full year before getting any subventions. Standard / Premium model account like the particular would be nice ! Also the vault is very practical to put money a side for specific projects ( if we can have the possibility to have an insurance by project that would be amazing) and the last thing is the possibility to give every member a revolut private account and have dedicated cards to manager expenses or even to create a grant to promote a talented writer or artist.

Also Charity or noProfit, does not mean you don’t do profit, it means profit needs to be reinvested.

Please keep us updated!! Defiantly interested !!


Do you know if Revoult support bank accounts for small UK Charities (less than 4000 GBP/Year)?


I totaly agree with a revolut non profit account. Banks right now are treating NGO’s like regular businesses which is not fair and most of them cannot afford the costs.
Something like Revolut for business would be nice, issuing cards for thr ngo’s members, setting spending limit, easy exchange when having projects oversea or when you have to purchase something that’s not in the ngo’s local currency


Great idea!
The NGO I am working for is active all over the world - mostly in Africa and the Near East providing aid for the refugees. We do a lot of international bank transfers, which is very expensive. Our staff uses credit cards and the commercial exchange rates are killing us. Please prepare an offer for NGOs.


We r a small charity currently receiving around 10000 euros in donations but our donors are mostly based in europe and usa. With a charity account i coul easily see our donations doubling due to the technological ease that money could be sent to us. Please advise when u will accept applications for registered official government licensed charity accounts


This is such a great idea that would make a huge difference for small charities. I hope the Revolut team will consider it!


Great idea, totally agree it would make such a difference and help small not for profit charities that are struggling with ridiculous bank fees!