Charges for Thailand

Hi can anyone who has used revolt card in thailand tell me about the fees?
Is it a good choice for Thailand?
I understand the 2% fee for withdrawals after the first 200 euro monthly. They also mentioned a 1.5% fee which I don’t understand.

I’m with ulsterbank and their debit card fees are 2% of the amount when withdrawing and a 1.5 percent ERTF fee
For spending it’s 1% charge on the amount and 1% ERTF fee so I’m not sure if I’m any better of with a revolt card.
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated

In Thailand very often only cash will be accepted. The ATMs fees are pretty high (150 - 220 BHT) and also you are limited to 200€ free with Revolut. To get cash it’s best to take your local currency and change it a currency exchange in Thailand, they are mostly fee free and have a reasonable exchange rate. Use revolut for everything that you can pay with card.

Cheapest way to get some cash in Thailand was from an AEON ATM. They only charge 150฿ (all others had at least a 200฿ fee).

You can find them here: