Charged twice for a unsuccessful airplane ticket payment


I tried to book a flight ticket with Gotogate website and the payment was declined. However, They charged me the amount ticket (€337.58) TWICE!!!
Now I dont have the money and I dont have the tickets… wtf!!! Can anyone help me?

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Happened the same with me yesterday. Buying airplane tickets. It was declined. But money disappeared. Without a trace! Luckily I took a screenshot of the notification that it was paid. I spoke to the airline company and they said the transaction didn’t go through. Money still nowhere!
Finally I could chat with a person on Revolut (although half of the things he “said” was generated copy paste messages) and he said they’re solving the problems. It can take 7 days. Which is ridiculous because I have to fly on Wednesday and I don’t have the money to buy the tickets. Quite disappointed in the Revolut now

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I having same issue with POS sales. They’re declined yet I’ve been charged in my transactions.

Also, a POS that was aproved states in my balance as declined.

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Revolut is great until you have a problem. Then it’s a complete disaster of a company. The costumer service is a joke!
Now I’m here waiting for them to solve the issue while my €400 is floating somewhere on the internet.


It is an open secret that Revolut’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired, but for that we dont need 100 identical threads. Yesterday there was a general issue with British cards.

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I’ve reading in other websites that this problem has happened with more people that used gotogate. And it looks this is a fraudulent technic used by that company. OMG.

Can someone from Revolut help me to cancel those transactions before they complete the payments? I’m desperate.

Fraudulent? What?

There has been an issue with the British payment network yesterday, that has nothing to do with Gotogate. It is up to Revolut and its service providers to resolve that quickly.

Thanks Alessandro. It’s good you are calm about it. I guess you’re not missing money and you’re not traveling in the next few days

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Could maybe be different problems. Because a lot of people is complain about gotogate for the exactly same problem (charged twice and no booking confirmation)

When was I hysterically screaming and wildly accusing?
I’ve just shared my experience and my opinion. I guess that’s what the forum is for…
I know the community can’t do anything about the problem, but maybe the people from Revolut are reading these problems and it might make them improve their care of the costumers.
As I said, I like Revolut and it’s been great until now. But now I got a bit disappointed and I wanted to share my problem… without hysterically screaming :wink:

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That was not referring to you, though you still seem to “uncalm” considering you suggested I was “too calm”.

Understood and I agree it is an issue, but by now there are five or six threads about the same issue.

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Normaly you should have received a message on your Revolut App homescreen about the card issues they are currently experiencing.

You’ll have to wait a few hours ( or days :frowning: ) for these PENDING transactions to be REVERTED.

Good luck !

Does Revolut really do that? I havent received anything of that sort yesterday.

Yep, in the Accounts sections just below ( or above ) the graph.

Actually I have that on the home screen.
But my problem is not that it’s “pending “.
It’s that it said transaction declined although the money disappeared without a trace. It doesn’t show anything. Only showed in the notification (which I took a screenshot from).
I would be a bit calmer if it said “pending “.
But it’s just disappeared.
Anyway, we’re not going to solve this here. Let’s hope Revolut does. And fast!

True, now it shows up, cant say with certainty if that way there yesterday too but I dont think so. Anyhow, that should be more prominently displayed and the way it is phrased is too mild IMHO. Dont carry an alternative, dont use Revolut’s card for the time being! Of course that would cannibalise their business.

So this is happening since the live chat told me to log out and log in again ! Which was 1am this morning. image|281x499

Really sorry about this. It can take up to 72 hours for a pending transaction to be returned to your account, but it could be even sooner. You’ll get a push notification when it does.

Once again, apologies :frowning:

I’ve tried to buy something on Amazon and Zalando in the past 3 days with my Virtual Card, didn’t know there was a problem with Revolut because you guys didn’t announce anything (apart from the message you get if you try to chat with an agent). Because I tried to complete the orders several times (and they were always declined), I have now close to 1000 CHF of pending items in my account, money is already deducted from my balance so I cannot use it anymore until these items get reverted, if they do at all… Not sure if I’ll stay with Revolut after this to be honest.

Still waiting… no money, €400 floating around :clap::clap::clap: