Charged Twice After Rejected PayPal Payment

Hi everyone,

I added my Revolut card to my PayPal account in order to make an online purchase.

I made the purchase using my Revolut card via PayPal but the transaction was rejected by PayPal and the purchase was not completed.

And yet, I can see on the Revolut app I was charged the amount of money in question not once but twice when the transaction was actually rejected by PayPal (activity history in PayPal shows no payments or transactions whatsoever).

The payments are not pending on the Revolut app. It just doesn’t say “pending” anywhere.

Can anyone explain that and let me know how I can get my monye back?

Thanks a lot!


One failed transaction but two charges? Or did you repeat the transaction after it had failed?

What does Paypal say?

Hi and thanks for your reply.

No, I did not repeat the transaction. I did it once. I was on the e-commerce site, I added my Revolut card to my PayPal account, and then proceeded with the purchase and payment.

The transaction was rejected by PayPal. And yet, I see that I was charged twice the amount of money. But even once would have been a problem, as the transaction was rejected anyway and the purchase was not completed.

I contacted PayPal and still waiting for their feedback.


And you say it doesnt show the status in transaction details? Pending or complete?

If it failed it could show up among the transactions but possibly as pending and then failed. It shouldnt be there twice unless Paypal tried it twice.

I’d contact Revolut’s support and wait for Paypal’s response.

No, I don’t see any status. It says I spent the amount of money in question (twice) and it shows as two different transactions in the app of the exact same amount and both transactions have the exact same date and time (which shows it was actually only 1 transaction initially, somehow repeated simultaneously, but not by me).

It’s very strange. I contacted Revolut on the in-app chat and waiting for their feedback.

Could you post a screenshot of the transaction? Just redact any confidential data.

Sure. You can see the 1 dollar I was charged by PayPal after adding my Revolut card (the transaction was reverted later) and then the rejected transaction which appears twice! Same time, same date. Bearing in mind this transaction didn’t go through and I didn’t actually make the purchase. It failed.


Thats the transaction list, I meant if you can post a screenshot of the transaction itself when you open it. That should show the status.

Oh ok, sorry, I didn’t try to do that actually.

I’ve just seen that the status is “pending” when I open it.

Does that mean those transactions will be rejected and I’ll get my money back?

Thanks for your help.

That would mean the transactions havent settled yet and I would expect them to revert back but whether that is really going to happen is something only Paypal can say at this point.

OK, I see.

Well, I’ve contacted PayPal, so I’ll wait for their feedback.

But I can’t see any activity or transactions recorded on that date on my PayPal account. So, hopefully, the transaction will be declined and I’ll get the money back.